Cluster Towers

Indicated for Horizontal Machining Centers.
Supplied with 2, 4 or 8 ADRI Hydraulic vises
Rigid and robust construction
Totally manufactured in heat treated and precision ground steel.
Reduces production times and offers quicker set-ups.
Can be adapted to other accessories, such as chucks.
Flexibility in workholding sizes.
2.5 ton to 5.0 ton clamping pressure.
Other sizes on request.

Cluster Tower II

Cluster Tower IIxII                   

Cluster Tower IV
The base height of all the ADRI Standard Cluster Towers is 42mm.
The total height of the ADRI Standard Cluster Towers is 372mm.

A B C D E Weight (kg)
  Cluster Tower II 255 230 90 115 70 58
  Cluster Tower IIxII 255 370 90 115 70 112
  Cluster Tower IV 320 320 90 115 115 122
  All dimensions are in mm