Heads/Fixed Angle

The ADRI Fixed Angle Heads-CF are ideal for your CNC Machining Centers.They offer one more axis for your machine, be it vertical or horizontal. Designed mainly for CNC Machining Centers with ATC (Automatic Tool Changer), they can also be adopted to conventional CNC or traditional Milling Machines.
Ideal for drilling, rough cutting, finishing and threading. The ADRI Fixed Angle Heads allow positioning through 360║ in relation to the machine spindle and upto 90║ in relation to the workpiece.

One more axis for your machine.
Allows working on difficult processes.
Graduated adjustable 360║ dial.
Steel body for better rigidity.
Adaptable to all machine models.
Rigid and precise construction.
Permanent lubrication.
ER type collets, others on request.
ISO, BT, R-8 (and other) shanks.
Fixed Angles 30║, 45░ and 60░ on request.

Stop Block
The ADRI Fixed Angle Heads CF-90 require a Stop Block for their correct functioning.
This Stop Block is fixed to the machine spindle, positioning the Angle Head and offering anti-rotational resistance.
The Stop Block may be supplied on request by Adriatica or manufactured "in loco" by the client in accordance with the machine spindle dimension.

30 Shank 40 Shank 50 Shank

  A* 65 65 80
  B 100 105 175
  C 25 30 25
  D 50 50 50
  E 87 87 87
  Max tool
10 16 20
  Max Speed
6000 6000 3000
  Collets ER-16 ER-25 ER-32
  Weight w/o
3,0 kg 3,8 kg 8,0 kg
All dimensions are in mm.
* Measurements may alter according to machine model.