In all machine tool operations, metal removing times should be kept to a minimum and all set-up times should be optimized.
The ADRI FLEXI-PALLET® permits precise fixing and removal of the interchangeable Pallet, allowing all piece preparations and unmounting to be done outside the machine bed, significantly reducing, therefore machine set-up times.
A natural result is an increase in productivity with a reduction in work cycle costs, guaranteed by a quick change of Pallets, in less than 10 seconds.

 The ADRI FLEXI-PALLET offers significant advantages:

Reduces set-up times.
Reduces time spent on changing workpiece to a few seconds.
Increases productivity
Reduces costs of production cycles
Increases flexibility
Improves quality
  The functioning of the ADRI FLEXI-PALLET® is precise and yet so simple. The fixing of the Pallets is by registration pins and clamping bars, offering a double locking system. All this is obtained by the simple use of two independent operating handles. The ADRI FLEXI-PALLET is ideal for CNC Milling Centers, Drilling Machines, Boring Machines, wire EDM, Grinding Machines and many others.

Available in 2 models, with standard Pallets in aluminium or heat treated and ground steel:

ADRI FLEXI-PALLET 25 with 2 pallets of 250 x 250 mm
ADRI FLEXI-PALLET 35 with 2 pallets of 350 x 250 mm
Base in steel or cast iron
Interchangeable Pallets in aluminium or steel
Supporting guides completely ground for high precision.
Registration pins for a 5 micron repeatability
Standard blank Pallets in 250 x 250 mm and 350 x 250 mm sizes.
Special Pallets on request.

Dimensional Data of the ADRI FLEXI-PALLET

Dim Description PALLET 25 PALLET 35
A    Total height without pallet 130 130
B    Total height with pallet 142 147
C    Length without handles 400 500
D    Length with handles 550 650
E    Total width 420 420
F    Width of base 280 280
G    Length of base 370 470
H    Height of base 18 18
   Net weight (kg) 48 55
All dimensions are in mm

Dimensional Data of Standard Pallets

Type A C D (H7) E F G
 Blank Aluminium 250 26
 Blank Aluminium 350 28,5
 T-slot Aluminium/Steel M10 250 35 12 20 9 20
 T-slot Aluminium/Steel M12 350 40 14 24 10 23
 B = 250 for all types
All dimensions are in mm

Blank Pallet - manufactured in aluminium, offers greater flexibility in machining possibilities.
T-slot Pallet - Manufactured in aluminium or hardened ground steel. T-slots in one direction offering the possibility of fixing pieces with clamps or other methods.
Pallet with vise - ADRIATICA can on request supply Pallets with a choice of the ADRI vises available. Ideal for rough milling of small parts in high batch runs
Pallet with chuck - Also on request the ADRI FLEXI-PALLET can be supplied with a lathe chuck. Ideal for drilling and/or tapping small parts in high batch runs.
Two way T-slot Pallet - Manufactured in hardened ground steel only, offers infinite possibilities for fixing pieces.