Vises/Self-Centering 4x1
  The ADRI Self-Centering Vise-MAC is ideal for fixing workpieces on CNC Machining Centers, CNC or conventional Milling Machines and Drilling Machines. It offers great working flexibility, the moving jaws allowing various ways of fixing for a variety of workpieces. And it has a great advantage, it can hold different size workpieces. Another alternative that the ADRI-MAC Self Centering vise offers is the possibility of working with more than one vise on the same machine bed.
High productivity, clamps 2 work pieces of the same or different sizes.
High flexibility, with interchangeable moving jaws, offering 4 different clamping options.
Occupies the same area as a conventional vise with twice the productivity.
Reduces set-up by half.
Reduces production times.
Bi-directional lead screw, double entry for stonger clamping.
Reduced opening/closing when exchanging workpieces.
Totally in heat treated and precision ground steel.
Low overall height for greater stability and vibration reduction.
Optional jaws on request.
A B C D E H L AT CT Weight (kg)
100 70 40 70 440 110 125 270 464 30
  All dimensions are in mm.

Code Description Maximum Capacity
MAC 1/1 3 moveable jaws 2 pieces upto 100mm
MAC 1/2 2 moveable jaws + 1 fixed jaw 2 pieces upto 100mm
MAC 1/3 2 moveable jaws 1 piece upto 270mm
MAC 1/4 1 moveable + 1 fixed jaw 1 piece upto 270mm